Monday, May 12, 2014

Well Hey There Quilty Friends!

So I've been kind of MIA again.

Life keeps getting in the way and I've decided that I need to just accept it and that it's OK if I don't post two or three times a week.  I've been so overwhelmed by the thought of it that it's stalled me out and I haven't been posting at all.  So I've decided that if I just get one post up a week, the world won't end.  

Also, it's OK if it takes me three or four months to finish one quilt.  I mean, this isn't a competition. Although, I have to admit, sometimes I feel like it is and that's all on me.  I'm wildly competitive in everything I do. Been that way all my life; in fact, my parents had to outlaw certain games when we were kids because my step-brother and I were so of control with the whole competition thing that it wasn't fun for anyone.  I've calmed down a tad as I've gotten older, but not much.  It sucks the fun out of things and can be totally overwhelming.  Also, as much as I love quilting, it can't be my top priority for least not until we get moved and settled sometime this summer.  (I love my husband's company, but if they could get their acts together and give us a firm date so we could get rolling on this whole moving thing, I'd be greatly appreciative!)

Anyway, enough whining, right?

On to the quilty stuff...

The Barcelona quilt is still not finished, but it will be soon.  I'm hosting TGIFF later this month (on the 23rd!) so I really need a finish now don't I?  Also, I'd kind of like to get it on our bed.  Our old comforter is getting sort of ratty (thanks to our wonderful fur baby CJ who has a major chewing fetish) and I'm kind of bored with it. It's been on the bed forever.  I think I'll get the back pieced today and then Hubs is going to help me baste it tonight or tomorrow.  This sucker is huge- it will be the biggest quilt I've ever made.

I started cutting into my stack of Michael Miller fabric for the latest MQG fabric challenge too.  Luckily, they've extended the deadline, so I have plenty of time for that one.

Jeez, my cutting board sure looks beat up, doesn't it?  Time to soak it and clean it.

I've signed up for the latest Mini Quilt Swap over at Schnitzel & Boo.  This will be my first swap...I'm very excited about it, but nervous too.  I can't wait to learn who my partner is! 
All that should probably keep my busy until the move...but if I somehow manage to pick up the pace (which I most likely won't), I've got at least 3 tops laying around that need to be basted and quilted.

Before I go, I have a question.  What photo editing software do you use and what do you like/dislike about it?  I've recently gotten a new laptop with Windows 8.1 and I need to upgrade.

Enjoy your Monday folks!  I'm off to work on the Barcelona quilt.


  1. Quilting and blogging are supposed to be fun, so I think it's definitely okay to fit it into your life however you can! can't wait to see more of your quilt. it's lovely!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  2. Welcome back! I'm just back from a huge break as well and it was nice to realize I could just start where I left off and not worry about it. It's much more important to enjoy the process! I mostly use Abobe Lightroom for my photo editing. It might be a bit too robust for what you are looking for, but it is seriously the best way I've found to organize, edit, and export photos. They have a 30 day trial too, so you could check it out if it interests you. (I sound like a salesperson haha).

  3. And you're TGIFFing this week too! busy lady!!!

  4. I really believe that we are often the hardest people on ourselves. And then it's no fun. I'm glad you've taken some breaks--it sounds like they were definitely needed! Though I am eager to see your finish for Friday!

    I edit my pictures (when I edit them) in Photoshop. I have an older version, but it gets the job done. I have heard really good things about Lightroom too, though I haven't used it myself.


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