Tuesday, August 23, 2016

To-Do Tuesday | 08.23.16

Last week I was able to finish the travel themed quilt. Unfortunately, it will be some time before I can share more about this one as it will be a while before it makes it to its new home. 

I was unable to complete the #QuiltsForPulse quilt I was working on. Short version, I had to rip out a whole lot of quilting. I will be getting back to work on this today and hope to have it finished sometime Thursday.

Because of the QFP quilt issue, I did not get to work on the orange peel quilt, but I did receive the backing fabric. I also ordered these adorable reindeer for the back of a current Christmas WIP. (Thanks Christine for being my favorite fabric enabler!)

 Reindeer Toss is from Pink Chandelier's Alpine line and the Batik Crest Border is from Alison Glass's
Handcrafted 2 line.

This week's list is short & sweet as I'm leaving for Atlanta Friday morning to visit my parents.
  • Finish #QuiltsForPulse quilt
  • Work on Orange Peel quilt

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Monday, August 22, 2016

Then...And Now

Devoted Quilter

Leanne from @Devoted Quilter is hosting a linky party titled "Then...And Now". She's asking that we share some of our first quilts along with some of our most recent. The premise is to take a look at where our skills are now as opposed to where we started.

I made my first quilt in 2013 as a gift or my cousin's first baby. In fact, it was the first time I'd used a sewing machine since Home Ec back in the '80s!

My first quilt

I cringe when I look at this shot. To start, it's an awful picture. I would never present a quilt like this now. As for the quilt itself...It's one maybe five or six times I actually followed a pattern. Well, I did make one modification. If you look at the second to last row, you can see Harry's initials "HJH". Looking at this quilt now, I can honestly say I would not not make it again It's not my style at all. To me, the layout looks crowded; I rarely use borders anymore; and that binding is way too wide for me. 

In comparison, this is the quilt I made Harry earlier this year. He became a big brother last month and I thought it was high time he had a big boy quilt.

Now, I realize this isn't the best picture. However, I was pressed for time and it was very bright and blustery on the shores of Lake Michigan that day; but I wasn't going to have another chance to get the shot. As for the quilt itself; it's a good representation of my style these days: clean lines, bold colors mixed with low-volume prints, negative space, skinny striped binding... these are a few of my favorite things!

Here are a couple more of my first quilts:

Apparently I thought draping quilts over a chair was
a good thing when I first started!

This is my least favorite quilt ever.

And some of my more recent finishes:


Harry's baby brother Max's quilt

Over the past 3.5 years, I can say that my piecing is much more precise (although I doubt it will ever be as close to perfect as I'd like!), I have more confidence in fabric and color selection, and, while I still favor linear quilting (and probably always will), my quilting stitches are much more even and my lines are straighter. While I still purchase patterns, I do it rarely and only for unique projects that I adore. Violet Craft's The Elephant Abstraction, Lady Harvatine's January Block, My Quilt Infatuation's Folk Dance are a few examples. Also, my photography is better; I'm still working on it, but it's definitely headed in the right direction.

Lastly, a few words about fabric selection. When I first started quilting I had to have all the big bold prints. I bought them with reckless abandon, not caring that I had no plan for them. I now find myself staring at my stash wondering how the heck I'm going to use them. Thank goodness for charity quilting, as I have been able to utilize a lot of these prints in charity projects.

Now, other than purchasing every single Tula Pink collection, I rarely buy anything other than solids, solid-like, low-volume prints, and blenders. The exception being fabrics for commissioned quilts (even then, it's only when the person commissioning the quilt wants something theme specific). These days, I'm also much more fastidious about when I buy...okay, for the most part. I still impulse buy on occasion! (Who doesn't, right???) However, now I try to only fill holes in my stash and buy for specific projects. 

If you're interested in seeing more on the progression of my quilting, click on the "My Quilts" tab under my blog header.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

To-Do Tuesday : 08.16.16

Last week I was 50/50 on my list. I was able to finish my exhibit submission, photograph the Barcelona Mod quilt and write my TGIFF post. I did not finish the travel themed quilt (just waiting on a binding fabric decision) and (obviously) did not get it photographed; nor did I get the top pieced for the #QuiltsForPulse quilt.

Here is a sneak peak of Hexie Rebellion, my exhibit submission. The submission deadline was yesterday afternoon. I sent my application docs off around noon. Nothing like waiting until the last minute (again). 

I can't decide if my favorite part is the green backing or the low-volume Alison Glass
print I used for the background.

This week's list:

  • Finish the travel themed quilt
  • Finish #QuiltsForPulse quilt
  • Work on the Orange Peel quilt

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Friday, August 12, 2016

TGIFF | Barcelona Mod

Barcelona Mod was made for the End of Summer event hosted by Mid Mod Collective in Knoxville. When our guild was asked to participate, I knew I had to make a quilt because I love all things Mid-Century Modern.

The only problem was, I needed something I could make quickly. The event was right around the corner and I was knee deep in the middle of finishing two commissions. Thankfully I had a few yards of Kona Snow and a jelly roll of Zen Chic's Barcelona hanging out on one of my shelves.

When I was thinking of what I wanted to do, I knew I wanted to keep it simple: clean lines and negative space. One of the things that draws me to Mid-Mod design is the linear shapes; both the slightly funky curvilinear lines and the bold straight lines. I opted for bold, straight lines in this quilt. 

The palette of Barcelona includes some very Mid-Mod shades. I am especially fond of the saffron, teal, and lime. The pebbles, stripes, and mosaics add to the mid-century vibe as well...IMHO, anyway!

Another aspect of Mid-Century design that I favor is the crosshatch. So naturally, I used an organic crosshatch when I quilted Barcelona Mod.

I backed the quilt in the Lime Pop print from Riley Blake. I thought it was a nice contrast to all the lines on the front of the quilt. The binding is striped (of course!): the Stripe print in Saffron Multi.

This quilt will be for sale at the Mid-Mod Collective End of Summer event.

For Sale at the End of Summer event hosted by Mid-Mod Collective
Pattern: a variation of jelly roll strip quilt
Fabric: Barcelona by Zen Chic for Moda; Kona Snow, Pop in Lime from the Hipsters Collection by Riley Blake.
Thread: Piecing: 50 wt. Aurifil in 2600 (Dove) for piecing & binding; 50 wt. Aurifil in 2021 (Natural White) for quilting 
Batting: Pellon Nature's Touch 100% Cotton
Size: approximately 52"x54"

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

To-Do Tuesday | 08.09.16

Last week I was able to finish the Mid Mod quilt. It just needs a label, but I need a new cartridge for the printer. I have to get that done by Saturday as the quilt needs to be at the event in Knoxville Sunday morning. I'll post more about this one in a TGIFF post this Friday.

I love the texture this organic crosshatch quilting adds; but it sure did take a lot of
time...and thread!

I am continuing on with the travel themed quilt; I'm about 75% through quilting it. Next time I get the bright idea to quilt anything larger than a baby quilt with concentric circles or spirals, someone please remind me how hard that is on the shoulders! I've had *hot* dates with the heating pad the last two nights. 

I used my Hera marker to mark the quilt. You can see a couple of of places where I was paying too
mych attention the the Olympics and not enough attention the quilt and accidentally marked at
the wrong angle. OOPS!

I did not make any progress on the orange peel quilt and am going to have to bump that one to late next week as I have a couple of things I need to finish first. The submission deadline for an exhibit I'm hoping to participate in is next Monday so I need to get that finished. This one is yet another example of me vowing to finish something in advance and then waiting until the absolute last second. Yay me. (Insert Sarcasm Font here).

I also need to get one of the quilts my guild is making for #QuiltsForPulse completed.

We're using Spoonflower's Stacked Stone block tutorial by Nicole Neblett for our #QuiltsForPulse.
We're adding a heart block to each quilt to keep in the heart theme requested by the Orlando MQG.

This week's list:

  • Finish the travel quilt
  • Work on exhibit submission
  • Piece top for #QuiltsForPulse
  • Photograph Mid Mod quilt & Travel quilt
  • Write TGIFF post
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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

To-Do Tuesday | 08.02.16

Last week was productive...sort of.

I mentioned last week that August is my month to select blocks for my do. Good Stitches circle. I chose the Rising Star block from Missouri Star Quilt Co. I made my sample blocks and posted my request for colors and sizes on our discussion page. Thankfully, I can set this project off to the side for a bit while I wait for my circle mates to make their blocks and send them to me.

Sample Rising Star blocks. I am loving that grunge in combination with those brights.
If only I could remember which shade of grey it is...maybe Gris Fonce. 

I did not get as far as I would have liked with the orange peels as I ran into a thread issue. I had a few color groupings for which I decided to order matching thread. Nothing I had even remotely blended. Luckily, I was able to get 220 yd spools of Aurifil or under $3 a piece over at Craftsy, so I ordered 4. I usually try only to purchase the large spools or cones, but since I needed multiple colors and didn't feel like spending $50, I chose the little spools.  Hopefully they will arrive in a few days. 

I am still working on the travel-themed commissioned quilt and hope to have the top finished by Wednesday.

In addition, I started a new project. (I know, I have serious issues!). My guild is participating in an event hosted by Mid Mod Collective. We're selling some Mid-Century Mod inspired quilts at their summer event later this month. Since that's one of my favorite design eras, I had to make something! I managed to get my quilt pieced and basted before the weekend and hope to have it finished in time to share in a Friday Finish post this week  and then I ran out of thread! I ordered a spool last night; but it's shipping from Washington State, so I doubt I'll have it in time to finish before Friday. Apparently last week was not a good week for me regarding thread. #IHaveAnAurifilProblem.

Here's a sneak peak of my organic cross hatch quilting. I knew I was cutting it close with the amount of thread I had left on the cone; but this quilt was just screaming for some cross hatch. Oh well, there's always next week for that Friday Finish post!

This week's list

  • Continue working on commissioned quilt
  • Finish Mid Mod quilt once thread arrives
  • Continue with Orange Peels after thread arrives

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

To-Do Tuesday | 07.26.16

I cannot believe another week has flown by and that it's almost August. All of the sudden, I'm crunched for time...again!  A show quilt, a commission, a #QuiltsForPulse quilt, and a birthday quilt to get done before the end of August; another birthday quilt and my do. Good Stitches quilt to get done by the end of September; 2 more commissions to get done before the end of October, and 2 Christmas quilts to get done before Thanksgiving. The word 'NO' is definitely not in my vocabulary these days!

Last week I managed to get the July do. Good Stitches blocks done and shipped off. Unfortunately, I was not able to get the commissioned quilt basted; but that's because I'm waiting on feedback from the woman who commissioned the quilt...and she's on vacation. Since I had to wait, I went ahead and started one of the birthday quilts.

This birthday quilt is an orange peel quilt. I managed to cut fabric and interfacing for 168 orange peels over the weekend. I used my Roundup Tool to cut them and have to say how much I love this thing. You can do so much with it!  Once the cutting was completed, I used Jenny Doan's method for preparing the peels and will probably never do it any other way ever again. Sunday was a busy day, but I managed to sneak into the sewing room and get about half of the peels pressed down to the background fabric before I had to leave.

OK, so they might not be the most perfectly shaped orange peels ever; but I'm guessing once they're
quilted and the quilt has been washed that won't be too noticeable!

This week's list:

  1. Finish attaching orange peels to background fabric; bonus points if I get the top pieced
  2. Write post for August do. Good Stitches Cheer Circle blocks
  3. Make sample blocks for August Cheer Circle blocks DONE!
  4. Continue working on commissioned quilt