Monday, November 25, 2013

Anything Goes: Coquette Diamond Rings

I hadn't planned on posting today, but then it hit me that it's Thanksgiving Week and I'm not sure what I'll be doing later this I thought I'd squeeze in a quick post and link up with a couple of linky parties I have not joined before along with those I frequent weekly..

I was able to finish two quilts last week and while I have another project I need to get started on ASAP, I can't do that until I get fabric approval from my Step-Mother.  I'll be at my parents for Thanksgiving, so I only have to wait a few more days.  Luckily, I have a project that I save for times such as this.  I call it my "In Between Projects" project.  It stays in it's clear plastic box most days, hiding in a corner on a shelf.  

I'm using the Diamond Rings pattern by Olive Tree Textiles.  And, for once, I haven't really made any modifications...OK one, but nothing major.  I added a column to each side of the medium size pattern because it was going to be just a tad narrow for my liking.

I wanted to include a pic of the whole quilt top...but the lighting in my sewing room and I were waging a war this morning, and the lighting here's pic of half of the top before I added the 2 extra columns and started piecing the rows...It's enough to give you an idea anyway.  The fabric is Coquette by Chez Moi for Moda and Bella Snow.  I got the Coquette on sale from Fat Quarter Shop back in February or March.  The colors are definitely softer than I usually use in my quilts, but they are some of my favorite colors none the less.  

My idea is that this is going to be the Springtime quilt for our bed..but Hubs has mentioned more than once that his Mother would "sure love that quilt" so it might end up being a Christmas gift for my MIL.  That's OK though...I've got enough left over to make a lap quilt for me if that happens. That green floral above is going to be the back of the quilt.  I love this print.

I bought enough of the purple ombre stripes to be the binding, but I don't know what I was thinking.  

These pink dots are just screaming at me to be the binding.  Hopefully I can find some more somewhere.  Cross your fingers for me.

In case I don't get another post in before Thursday....

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I Have to Say...


  1. This will be a very cheerful quilt!

  2. pretty blocks! It's great that you have something you can always work on between projects! and good luck on finding more pink- it does look just perfect!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  3. Love the pink dots against that backing!!

  4. Love the fabrics. It will be a very lovely quilt.

  5. It's lovely...what size are the HST's? I think that fabric is just perfect for the quilt...cheerful!

  6. nicely done....feels like spring time. Happy Thanksgiving to you to.


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