Tuesday, October 14, 2014

To-Do Tuesday | 10.14.14

Last week was a big ol’ bust for me.  We spent a couple of days in Virginia with my in-laws which was great- but it definitely but a damper in my sewing time for the week.  We also celebrated our fifth anniversary last week, with a hot date at the local Home Depot ordering doors and picking out paint samples.  Before you start thinking "wow, her husband has no clue" - it was my idea!  I've been lobbying for new doors for ages and finally convinced Hubs it was worth the expense and would add value to the house - which we're planning to put on the market next year.

Also, the fact that my sewing room looks like a tornado blew through it isn’t helping either. I'm too embarrassed to share a picture of that disaster area right now.

While I did manage to get one block for the Ampersand quilt and one more F Word block pieced, I spent most of the week knitting and cross stitching.

Block 1 of 9 for the Ampersand Quilt

Happy Halloween Cross Stitch-
at this rate I might just finish by Halloween....
.of 2015!

This week’s list:

  • -       Finish the Season of the Witches pillow and send it
  • -       Piece the second of last week’s F Word blocks
  • -       Piece another Ampersand block, pattern by Thomas Knauer from his book Modern Quilt Perspectives
  • -       Continue with the Happy Halloween cross stitch, pattern by Jody Rice from Satsuma Street
  • -       Decide just how long I want the red scarf I’m knitting to be and either keep on going or finish and block it
  • -       Straighten up my sewing space and (maybe) paint swatches on the walls
 Our first choice for painting the house a "sell ready" color!
Hopefully it works.

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

To-Do Tuesday 09.30.14

Once again I failed at completing my list. 

Wait, let’s try to put a positive spin on my lack of checked off items on the To-Do List. 

This week I was able to get a few things done.  (There, that’s much better, isn’t it?)

I finished stitching the Season of the Witches cross stitch and bought the fabric needed for the pillow cover.  I just need to clean up the cross stitch and press the fabric.  Then I need to get a pillow form so I can sew up the cover. 

I also managed to get a lot more of my stash wrapped around comic book boards.  I would have finished, but I ran out of boards.  Again.  I’m going to go ahead and order more since I’m going to need them soon enough anyway.  I’ve still got my small AMH stash to wrap and some more Tula on the way (Hello, Bumble!)  And I’m seriously thinking about ordering Carolyn Friedlander’s new collection due out later this year.  OMG.  SWOON.  

Oh, wait.  This post isn’t supposed to be about my fabric crushes.  It’s supposed to be about my To-Do List. 

In addition to the comic book boards; I cut some make shift bolts out of foam board poster board for most of my really big cuts of fabric. 

Oh, and since I seem incapable of finishing most of my projects, why not start another?  I decided to pick up the sticks again and start knitting a scarf. 

How many red scarves can one woman have?  This will be the 4th in 2 years for me!

This week’s list:
- 2 more F Word blocks
-       Start Happy Halloween cross stitch - if you're in to X-Stitch, you've got to check out Jody's Etsy Shop Satsuma Street
-       Get organized!  (I’m ordering new shelves in the next week or so and I need to take stock and possibly get rid of some things)

My ever-growing stash of DMC floss is just one thing that needs to be tamed

-       Exchange the containers I bought for the rest of my scraps- I bought the wrong size!

Bonus Points (If I can manage to get my space organized again!)
-       Get this quilt bound
-       Start piecing Ampersand quilt

OK, time to stop talking about it and start doing it!  I’m off to the sewing room!

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

To-Do Tuesday

Last week I definitely bit off more than I could chew.  Organizing my stash and scraps ended up being a bigger ordeal than I thought.  I got it done- for the most part.  (I need to order just ordered more comic book boards so I can tackle the ever-expanding Tula stash, solids and holiday scraps.  I also need to buy some foam board to make bolts for some of my larger pieces of fabric, like the 6 yard cuts of Britten Nummer and that black text print from Architetures that I’ve hoarded away for special projects.)  Then I started cutting 3.5” squares for my Ampersand quilt….and never stopped.  Everything else got shoved to the side. 

This week?  I’m scaling it way back.  Like way, way back.

Here's my list:
- Complete a second F Word block.  (I managed to sneak this one in last night)

- Finish binding this quilt

- Start piecing Ampersand quilt
- Finish organizing my stash 
- Continue organizing my scraps (I don't think I'll ever be finished with this project!)
- Finish the Season of the Witches cross stitch
- Buy:
   - more containers for scraps 
   - batting (I feel like I am always buying batting!)
   - foam board to make "bolts" for my larger pieces of fabric

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

To-Do Tuesday

To-Do Tuesday is Back at Stitch ALL the Things!  Wait- didn’t that used to be at Red’s Needles & Threads?  Yep, but Christine has relaunched her website with a brand new look and a brand new name.  You should really stop by, check it out and link up!

I’ve recently come to accept some things about myself.  Like the fact that I will never be a one project at a time kind of gal.  I thrive on chaos and love having all sorts of things going on at once.  I’ve also realized the key to this thriving on chaos thing is to have your chaos (somewhat) organized.  So I came up with a schedule of sorts for my quilting projects.

  • ·         Monday:  F Word Blocks first, then Free Sew
  • ·         Tuesday: Catch up Day (QAL’s, BOM’s, etc.)
  • ·         Wednesday: Ampersand Quilt
  • ·         Thursday: City Sampler Blocks or Free Sew
  • ·         Fri/Sat: Free Sew
  • ·         Sun: Scrap Jar Stars, Free Sew

I have at least 6 UFO’s lurking about on my project shelf, but instead of assigning them each their own block of time, I’ve decided to include Free Sews instead.  That way, I can look forward to working on whatever I want a few times each week, which will hopefully keep me on task with the other things.

This week, my list looks like this:

Unacceptable!  And this isn't even half of it!!!!!

- Organize my stash
- 2 Vice Versa Blocks, if my mind hasn't melted from organizing my stash

- Start cutting squares for Ampersand quilt (900 squares!  EEK!)  You can see a pic of the original quilt by Thomas Knauer in this post from his blog if you don't have his book, Modern Quilt Perspectives

- Vice Versa blocks if I didn't get to them Tuesday
- Bind this quilt

- Continue cutting squares for Ampersand quilt

SATURDAY (if at home)
Continue cutting squares for Ampersand quilt

- Make one Scrap Jar Star

My 4 completed F Word Blocks

- 2 more F Word Quilt blocks
- Decide if I need to add some green to the palette & get it ordered!

- Finish Season of the Witches cross stitch

Bonus Points
- Cut & organize more scraps
- Update collage for blog header
- Decide on a UFO to baste next week to donate

It's a pretty big list.  The only reason completing so many tasks is remotely possible is because I’m currently not working. Chances are I won't get to everything, but as long as I get most of it done, the week will be a success.  If I was back in a salon, I’d be lucky to get a quarter of this list tackled! 

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Friday, September 5, 2014


Well, I finally finished another quilt.  Christine at Red's Needles & Threads  and I decided to tackle curves together with Tula Pink's Moxie pattern. She hasn't posted pics of her finished quilt yet, but you've absolutely got to check out her blog. She's got all sorts of awesomeness over there and she posted a super cool tutorial last week for converting your ironing board to a pressing board!

EDIT:  Christine has recently undergone a blog makeover.  Red's Needles & Threads is now Stitch ALL The Things. Make sure to swing by to check out her new look and her gorgeous Moxie Quilt!

Y'all.  This pattern is so easy.  It sews up super quick; and the shallow curves make Moxie the perfect project for those of you who are new to curves like me.  Trust me on this.  I was so anti-curve before this project just because I was convinced they would be a total pain to piece.

They're not.

This pattern was very well written and had lots of helpful pics.  You can download it for free on Tula Pink's site here.  Tula's quilt is so wonderful, that I pieced my top using her Fox Field collection exactly as she did.  The only thing I did differently was add a border.  I wanted the quilt a little bigger so I added 3.5" all the way around using the Baby Geo print in Dusk.  For the back I used the Pony Play print in Dusk along with Free Spirit Designer Solids in Aqua.

I quilted it with a large meander.  I'm kind of proud of myself for this.  It's the first time I've ever used FMQ on anything other than practice sandwiches.  There's definitely some herky jerky sharp angles and I ran over my stitches a few times; but finished is better than perfect, right?  Somebody said that about FMQ on Instagram.  Angela Walters maybe?

I've included a few pics of the FMQ mistakes that I decided to just let be. Considering the amount of time it took me to locate them again after the quilt was washed, I'm glad I did leave them as is.  I'm definitely a big "Finished is Better than Perfect" fan now. The only one that popped right out at me was this guy:

So, is it just me or is there an alien in my quilt? "Greetings, Earthlings." (Yes, it's possible I MAY watch just a little too much sci-fi.)  

Herky jerky stop & start

Whacky stitch lengths and some more of the herky jerky

Hello Hot Mess!  I was all over the place right here!

I was so dismayed when I was quilting along because every single stop & start, or herky jerky angle, or uneven stitch length jumped right out at me.  I wanted so badly to stop and rip out stitches; but I soldiered on, trusting in those with much more experience than I that these things would not be so bad once the quilt was finished and washed.

Guess what?  They were right!

If I have more experience and control over my FMQ, I probably would have stopped and fixed some things...except the alien guy- he might just find his way into everything I stipple from this point forward. I kinda dig him.  He could be my "Where's Waldo". ;-)

I made the binding out of the Pointed Lace print in Dusk and love how it sort of looks scrappy, even though it's not.  As always, the quilt is pieced and quilted with Aurifil.  You can find all the details for my Moxie quilt here.

One last pic before I go.  Some of you may have seen this shot on IG, but I couldn't resist sharing it here as well.  This is what happens in my house when you turn your head to answer the other phone while trying to snap quilt shots.

My "assistant", CJ, conducting a very scientific quality control check on the comfort level of the Moxie quilt

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Friday, August 1, 2014

High Tea at the Bistro

While my goal of finishing 15 quilts this year is severely off track, I do have a finish to share this week.  Actually, I have 2. 

This week my mother-in-law celebrated her birthday.  What better gift to receive in the middle of a sweltering Virginia summer than a quilt?  Right.  Seriously though, I had a full FQ bundle of True Colors and another of Pretty Potent just sitting there next to my one lonely Dowry print just willing me to pet it.  I have to add, I’ve made an effort to bust up my bundles and add them to my stash as soon as I get them.  I’ve done a pretty good job of this, with a few exceptions.  I just can’t bring myself to break up anything AMH, Tula Pink or Denyse Schmidt. 

Anyway, I started collecting AMH with my MIL in mind.  I spent a few days pouring over Pinterest, IG, and my books searching for just the right design.  I wanted something that would really show off the designs in the AMH prints as a lot of them are fairly large.  As soon as I reached for my copy of Vintage Quilt Revival I knew what I wanted to do.  One of my favorite quilts in the book is the Spiced Chai Quilt by Katie Clark Blakesley of Swim Bike Quilt and I knew it was the perfect pattern to showcase the beauty of the AMH prints and would be one my MIL would really like as well. 

I really wish I’d been able to get pictures of this quilt outside, but the weather coupled with the fact that I’m a last minute kinda gal, prevented that.  Maybe I’ll try to snap some in my in-laws front yard next time we’re up there. 

The only modifications I made to Katie’s pattern were to add a fifth row of blocks and a 4” border.  The extra row was added because my MIL is tall.  The border was added because I really wanted to preserve the points on the tea leaves and was pretty sure I’d lose a few of them to binding if I didn’t add a border.  I used Kona Snow, which is the same fabric I used for the background, so it’s sort of like the tea leaves are floating.  The prints in the top are almost all AMH except for 3 blenders I needed to supplement the green and gold tea leaves.  

The binding is Kona Lavender and the backing is this beautiful purple print I picked up at Hobby Lobby because it was absolutely perfect for my purple-loving MIL.  As always, the piecing and quilting was done exclusively with Aurifil.  Best. Thread. Ever.  All the details can be found here.

In addition to my MIL’s quilt, I whipped up a smaller quilt with some of my Giggles scraps and a couple of coordinating prints. This quilt was a companion quilt for Prissy, my in-law’s adorable black pug so they would each have one of their own. 

Now, you may be wondering what this High Tea at the Bistro from this post’s title all about.  Well, it’s the name of the quilt.  My MIL is quite the accomplished home cook. She can cook or bake just about anything you throw at her and she nails it every single time.  My father-in-law has taken to referring to her kitchen as ‘The Bistro’.  In fact, that’s what we all call it.  So….a tea leaf quilt + The Bistro kitchen = High Tea at the Bistro.

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Finally, Another Post!

I've been meaning to get back into the swing of blogging with one post a week.  Yeah, that's been an epic fail.  I just can't seem to focus on writing an actual blog post.  Let's see....instant gratification by posting pics on IG with cute little hashtagged commennts or sitting down in front of the computer and actually focusing on complete sentences and using correct grammar (well, sort of)??? Let's see.....that's sort of been a no-brainer this summer!

I really need to get back into blogging.  I find that I'm much more productive with my quilting projects (and really everything else!) when I'm keeping myself accountable on the blog.

I have been working on a few projects; two of which are secrets that I've had to hit the pause button on for a few days.  I can't show you much, but here's a peek.

I'm showing these in black and white because I fear the color palette will totally give it away to the soon-to-be new quilt owners! One is chock full of Anna Maria Horner though!  It's all Pretty Potent and True Colors with a bit of my one and only Dowry print thrown in.

Leave it to me to realize just as I'm getting ready to quilt the AMH and finish the binding on the other one that I don't have the right color of Aurifil for the back or for finishing the binding!  Since I've got no place to go buy it locally, I had to quickly place an order and now I'm waiting...

So, what does a quilter do with herself while waiting on the supplies necessary to complete two outstanding WIPs?  Well, she starts another project of course!  (We won't mention the 8 other WIPs waiting patiently in their boxes to be completed!)

I managed to get everything cut for this project and will start getting blocks pieced today. I'm using Deb Strain's Family Tree collection and a bunch of low-volume prints.  II won't say much more since this one is also a gift.  I should be able to make a dent in assembling the blocks since the Aurifil probably won't be here until Friday or Saturday (I hope!).

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