Tuesday, November 24, 2015

To-Do Tuesday | Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm so behind schedule that I didn't even take any pictures for this post!

It's crunch time for me, I've got 9 days to finish 3 quilts, one of which I have not even started! In the spirit of the holiday, instead of stressing myself out even more than I already am, I've decided that every time I start to freak out, I'm just going to be thankful.

I am thankful for my giant, wonderful, amazing family who not only support my creative endeavors, but they do so enthusiastically and generously.

I am thankful for my fabulous husband who...
  • talks me off the ledge when I do stress out
  • takes the time to be enthusiastic about every single quilt that I show him
  • offers criticism constructively and kindly
  • makes fun of my fabric addiction; but still feeds it
  • does a million other things every single day that make me smile, laugh and feel loved
I am thankful for the awesome quilting community and the terrific friends I've made over the past couple of years.

I am thankful for the wonderful women of the Knoxville MQG who are not only great ladies, but are each incredibly talented in their own unique way.

I am thankful for my quilty twin, who is my twin in so many more ways than just the quilty ones! We are of the same tribe, cut from the same cloth, and I'm so lucky to know her!

I am thankful for the differences that make us unique and that American spirit that unites us all.

I am thankful for the men & women who protect us and preserve the freedoms we so often take for granted. If not for them, we would not have those differences and spirit to celebrate.

Last, but definitely not leaste, I am thankful to those of you who take time out of your busy schedules to stop by my little blog. Thank you for reading and commenting from time to time.

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

To-Do Tuesday | The I'm Not Super Woman & That's OK Edition

Oops! I'm a little late for To-Do Tuesday!

OK...So, I'm starting to feel the pressure of 4 quilts in 3 weeks. I was completely fine until Sunday when I had to baste the Christmas quilt not once, but twice. After that debacle, I realized that I had somehow ripped one of the stars in one of the center blocks. Unfortunately, I didn't realize this until after I'd quilted a couple of the blocks next to it. Awesome. 

Don't you just love this fabric?  It's Evergreen by Basic Grey for Moda
and the pattern is Starry Eyed by Angela from the Fussy Cut blog.

Because of those issues, I had to make the hard decision to put the Christmas quilt on the back burner. It just cannot be my priority right now. I hate it, but it was the responsible thing to do. This quilt was to be a gift from me and my husband to a special couple. In all honesty, I really shouldn't have started it until I had finished the three remaining commissioned quilts; but when I saw the fabric, I knew it was perfect for them and I even had the perfect pattern in mind. Unfortunately, I am not 100% certain I can take the time it will take to pick out the quilting and basting stitches, fix the ripped block, re-baste, finish this quilt and still have everything done in 3 weeks. If I had been able to spray baste this quilt, then maybe. Regrettably, this quilt is too big to spray baste on the table and I don't have enough room anywhere in the apartment to baste a quilt this large on the floor.

I'm not saying I won't get it finished by Thanksgiving (when we usually exchange our gifts with these friends), I'm just saying that if I don't, they just won't get a quilt this year; they'll get it next year. 

Let's move on to some positive stuff.

I did manage to finish the Tula Pink Glam clam top; but didn't get any further than that. I will be moving on to piecing the back this week. This one is now on hold for a day or two until a name is decided on for the label. If all goes as planned, I hope to finish this quilt over the weekend. 

I was also able to get all the fabric cut for the Michael Miller quilt and am working on piecing the blocks while the Glam Clam is on hold.

This fabric is super cute. It's mostly Sea Buddies 
from Michael Miller, but I also added in some basics from my stash.

This week's list:

  1. Tula Pink Glam Clam
    • Make label
    • Piece back
    • Baste
    • Start quilting
  2. Michael Miller Quilt
    • Finish piecing blocks
    • Piece Top, if I have time
  3. Christmas quilt
    • Accept that I am not Super Woman and that it's OK if this doesn't get finished. 
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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

To-Do Tuesday | 11.03.15

So, no finishes last week; but I did make some progress.

The Glam Clam top is pieced and we've chosen the fabric for the back and binding. I'll be using that fabulous text print from The Cottage Garden for the backing again - I just love all of those wonderful quotes - and Tula Pink's Lazy Stripe in Gun Metal for the binding. I think I need to stock up on all the Lazy Stripes so I have them on hand for binding. In case you didn't see it on Instagram, here's a sneak peak of my progress:

I made progress on the Christmas quilt as well; just not as much as I would have liked. I was able to get all of the fabric cut; but I did not get all of the blocks pieced. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to get it done this week instead.

I've also got to get the bag for the husband's boss done as she'll be in town sometime in the next week or two.

This week's list:
  1. Christmas Quilt
    • Finish piecing blocks
    • Finalize layout
    • Purchase fabric for back and binding
    • Piece top
    • Trim and baste
  2. Geekly Bag
    • Quilt panels
    • Put it together
  3. Glam Clam
    • Make label
    • Piece back
  4. BONUS POINTS: baste Glam Clam

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

To-Do Tuesday | 10.27.15

Last week was quite productive. I love it when I can say that!

Not only did I get the wedding quilt sent off, I was able to finish the Melody Miller quilt and finish cutting all the fabric for the Christmas quilt. I know I said I 'd be writing a Friday Finish post about the wedding quilt; but it turns out the happy couple will not be opening gifts until after they return from their honeymoon in a few weeks. I've decided to wait to post pics on the off chance that they stumbled across the blog. I know there is no chance of that...but it would be just my luck if they did!

Since I haven't been able to share any of these finishes in detail, here's a pretty picture of the three quilts I've completed that will be delivered in December with two of the of the other commissions.

 I love a cheery stack of quilts!

I was also able to make some progress on the Tula Pink Glam Clam quilt. 

Remember this yummy stack? I cannot wait to finish this Glam Clam

I got all but nine clams cut before realizing I never ordered the last two cuts of fabric. So now I've got to wait on my order before I can continue with that project. That's OK by me because it means I can spend a couple of days on the Christmas quilt. I'm using Basic Grey's Evergreen line for this quilt and I am in love! Working on this one eases the pain of having to put my own Christmas quilt on hold yet again because of other projects. One of my New Year's resolutions is going to be finishing that quilt well before Christmas so that it's ready well before the the 2016 holiday season.

This week, it's all about the Glam Clam and Christmas quilts:
  • Glam Clam (depending on when my order arrives)
    • Finish cutting
    • Finalize layout
    • Start Piecing top
    • Decide on fabric for quilt back
  • Christmas Quilt
    • Finish piecing blocks
    • Finalize layout
    • Start piecing top
  • Bonus Points: Get both tops pieced

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

To-Do Tuesday : 10.20.15

The wedding quilt is finished and on it's way to its new home! 

It felt really nice to take a deep breath after dropping it off at The UPS Store yesterday. Of course, I always a have a quick flash of absolute panic after I've shipped a quilt: did I give the quilt a thorough once over before shipping? what if I missed some terribly noticeable something or other? OMG, what if I misspelled one of their names on the label? This happens every single time. Then I remind myself that I poured over every inch of the quilt, front and back, when I lint rolled prior to washing, and again while searching for random threads after it came out of the dryer, and then again when I lint rolled it a second time after the photo shoot. As for the label, I always triple check it and then usually have Hubs give it a once over as well.  My OCD servers me well on occasion!

Speaking of photo shoots, I could just kick myself for not getting more pics of this quilt. Yesterday turned into one of those crazy days where everything takes longer than it should and you end up having to cram all sorts of extra stuff into your day. I had high hopes of a grand photo shoot by the river, but oh well. Hopefullysomeone can snap a shot of it after the bride-&-groom-to-be open it up. 

I'll share more about the wedding quilt and the few pics that I have when I write my Friday Finish post later this week. Here's a sneak peak of the quilting, if you haven't seen it on IG.

In addition to finishing the wedding quilt, I almost finished the tote bag. And by "almost", I mean I finished it and then realized that the "fusible" fleece I used wasn't so fusible after all. You can feel it flopping around between the lining and the outside.I'll be taking it apart and quilting the panels. Not very happy about my non-fusible fusible fleece purchase.  Insert that angry red-faced emoji guy right here. Luckily, the recipient will be back in town in a couple of weeks, so I have a little breathing room for finishing the bag. Since the bag is wonky, I'll just share a shot of the fabrics I'm using, which are two of my faves from Geekly Chic and Chicopee.

I did not get the Melody Miller quilt rebasted, but I'm OK with that. I have until the end of November to finish that one and I plan to get that quilt mostly finished by this weekend.

As for this week? I plan on resuming work on the Christmas quilt commissions, but not before I spend a day or two working on the Christmas quilt I'm giving as a gift. I've been itching to work on it for a couple of weeks; but in a rare exhibit of great self-control, I managed to work solely on the wedding quilt. Therefore I am rewarding myself with a day or two of somewhat selfish sewing.

This week's list:
  • Christmas Quilt
    • Finish cutting
  • Melody Miller Quilt
    • Rebaste
    • Quilt
    • Prep Binding
    • Bind
    • Wash
    • Photo shoot, if weather permits
  • Bonus Points: Cut for the Tula Pink quilt, if I have time

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

TO-DO TUESDAY | 10.13.15

I was able to complete the items on last week's list!

The additional fabric I had to order for the wedding quilt arrived late last week and I was able to finish piecing the top, print the label and get the back pieced.

I used 2 of my favorite text prints in the back for the wedding quilt: The Newsprint text print from
The Cottage Garden and the text print from Architextures,

I also managed to get it basted yesterday thanks to Hubs. I spent a good half hour searching for my can of 505 basting spray and, once I finally found it, was only able to get half the quilt basted before running out. My awesome husband stopped at Joann's and picked me up a new can so will be able to start quilting it today. Hopefully I can have the quilting done by end of day tomorrow...now if I could just decide how I want to quilt it and what thread I want to use...definitely Aurifil - most likely 40 wt. 2600, the perfect shade of grey.

My priority is finishing this quilt before the weekend. Other than that, I need to whip up a tote bag of some sort for my husband's boss She saw my Geekly Glasses tote bag several months ago and loved it, so Hubs told her I'd make her one too.

My giant bag: I think there were 5 lap quilts inside when I took this pic!
It won't be exactly the same; mine is ginormous. I made it extra big so I could fit several quilts in it. Also, I ran out of that grid print so I'll have to use something different for the base and straps. She'll be in early town next week, so that;s been bumped up to my #2 priority for the week.

This week's list:
  • Quilt & bind the wedding quilt
  • Wash, photograph & ship the wedding quilt
  • Make tote bag
  • Bonus points: re-baste 2nd half of the Melody Miller quilt

My status update for the week:

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Thursday, October 8, 2015

To-Do Tuesday | 10.06.15

I started writing this post Tuesday morning and then promptly forgot about it! OOPS!

I didn't get nearly as much done last week as I'd hoped to. My injured finger has slowed me down more than I'd thought it would. As I mentioned last week, I can only work for an hour or two before my hand starts aching. When planning out my schedule, I was very optimistic with how much I'd get done. Therefore, I was unable to complete much of last week's list.

In addition to my limited sewing time, I am a bit out of my depth on this wedding quilt. When I agreed to this project, I didn't stop once to think about the actual construction of the quilt top. It's been a bit challenging to say the least.  Luckily, I think I've got it figured out now. Unfortunately, I had to order more fabric Monday; so now I'm waiting... Side note: don't you just love it when fabric shops state the ship same day and then don't? I'm still waiting on that shipping notification, by the way...  (Finally got the shipping notification yesterday!)

I did receive some happy mail (on time!) from Amazon Prime. My Tula Pink Coloring Book arrived! It's even better than I thought it would be. I'm seriously considering buying a second copy so I can keep one in perfect, unused condition. This thing is amazing.

I've decided to start keeping a scorecard of sorts for my current projects including status and due date. I keep a more detailed weekly schedule; but it helps keep me better focused when I can see each project as a line item:

Let's ignore the fact that I've added another quilt to my list.

It's going to be challenging to get everything done on time. If I hadn't hurt my finger, I'd probably be done with at least two more quilts by now. But it is what it is. I've got over a week to complete the wedding quilt, which should be no problem... if the fabric ever ships. After that is finished, I'll have approximately 6 weeks to finish 5 quilts, one of which is already halfway quilted. I should be able to complete a quilt a week if I can increase sewing time. I think that if I rework my daily schedule so that I am sewing first thing in the morning, I will be able to rest my hand during the day and fit in another sewing session late in the afternoon or early evening. Let's hope I can, anyway!

This week's list:
  • Finish piecing top, if the additional fabric arrives on time
  • Piece back & create label, if I'm able to finish the top (I'm not sure what the final size of the top is going to be, so I need to finish the top before I can make the back)
  • If the fabric doesn't arrive, I'll continue to get the other projects organized and do some more cutting

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