Wednesday, April 8, 2015

To-Do Tuesday on Wednesday | 04.08.15

Last week I was able to get 12 blocks done for the Posy Patrol quilt and make all the HSTs for the Geometric Slide quilt.

The beginnings of my Posy Patrol quilt.  Cannot wait to finish these and whip up a yummy new quilt!
(The quilt pattern can be found in the book Imagine Quilts by Dana Bolyard of Old Red Barn Co.)
This week, I'm begrudgingly putting Posy Patrol on hold so I can focus solely on Geometric Slide since I know my mother is anxious to receive it.  However, if I finish the top before the weekend, I reserve the right to reward myself by making a few more Posy Patrol blocks!

The only other items on my list are to purchase backing and binding fabrics for the Geometric Slide quilt and firm up the quilting design with my mother.  I know how I want to quilt it, I just need to discuss it with her and see if we're on the same page.

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

To-Do Tuesday 03.31.15

Tomorrow is April.  What the hell. We've breezed through the first quarter of the year.  It will be Halloween before we know it.  And on that scary note, let's move on.

I got a whole lot of nothin' done last week.  Insomnia reared it's ugly head last week in a big way.  Three nights out of seven were spent tossing and turning for hours before giving up, migrating into the guest room so Hubs could get some sleep, and watching old Grey's Anatomy episodes on Netflix until 6 AM.  I can barely remember my name after a sleepless night so I didn't get as much done last week as I'd hoped.

This week's list is short and sweet:

  • Finish cutting for the Posy Patrol workshop this weekend (the pattern is the cover quilt for the book Imagine Quilts by Dana Bolyard of Old Red Barn Co.)
Some of the AMH prints from Pretty Potent, True Colors & Folk Song
I'll be using for my Posy Patrol quilt!  
Not the best pic, but these are the Bella Solids
I'll be using in the Geometric Slide quilt my mother requested
  • Buy a new cutting mat & rotary blades
  • Refrain from buying any more fabric as Hubs has once again threatened to find a Fabriholics Anonymous meeting & 12 step program to put me on the road to recovery. He did not find it the least bit amusing when I said that I'd much rather be on the road to the nearest fabric shop.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

To-Do Tuesday 03/17/15

 Last week came and went so quickly, I feel like I have whiplash from watching it fly by.  Luckily, I was able to get a few things done.
  • I got my Friday Finish post up for the Happy Chevrons quilt.  
  • I made some progress organizing the guest / sewing room - it's nowhere near the way I want it; but at least I can sew for more than 5 minutes without feeling the urge to stop and find places for things. Once I get the metro shelves moved in, I'll be able to finish organizing (YAY!).  
  • I was also able to make a tiny dent in organizing my scraps...a very tiny dent, but progress is progress. 
  • I made a firm decision to use Anna Maria Horner for my Posy Patrol quilt (the cover quilt from this book.)  It was a hard decision, but I have quite a bit more AMH than Amy Butler and that was the deciding factor.

A good chunk of my AMH stash

  • I did not make any progress on the Indelible layout; and that project is going to have to take a backseat for awhile because of a new project that's landed on my sewing table.
My mother has "commissioned" me to make a quilt using colors from this Pottery Barn pillow cover she recently bought. (I use the quotes because she thinks she's paying me for this quilt, but no way is my mother paying me for her own quilt!) I was with her when she first saw the cover and was so excited when she told me she went back to buy it. That's how we roll in this family: accessorizing the living room makes us giddy.  It took a week, but the design has been decided and the fabric has been ordered. I'm very excited to get started! 

This week's list:
  • Wait impatiently for my bundle of Elizabeth to finally arrive!
  • Continue organizing scraps
  • Press and start cutting fabric for Mom's quilt once it arrives later this week
  • attend guild meeting Saturday
  • Work on backing for Layers of Charm quilt

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Friday, March 13, 2015

Happy Chevrons

Two posts in two days...I'm on fire. 

Not really.  Really, I'm a slacker who didn't get her Tuesday post up 'til Thursday and just happened to have a finished quilt to share today... a quilt that was started in 2013.  So, see what I mean?  Not so much with this girl being on fire...

Anyway, on to my cheery little chevron quilt.

One of the first blogs I came across when I started quilting was Christa Quilts. One of the first things I noticed about Christa's blog were her fabulous Quilt-Alongs.  I liked what I saw so much that I proceeded to piece three tops within a few months. You can see the other two here and here.

This quilt is pretty bright, isn't it?  Still, I love the cheeriness of it.  It's made with charm packs of Michael Miller's Happy Tones collection.  The background is a white on white print I found at Hobby Lobby.  The back is that fantastic wide back text print from Windham with all the color names.  

I stepped out of my comfort zone and quilted the entire thing with swirls.  To be fair, let's just go ahead and call 'em "wonky swirls" cuz they are definitely NOT perfect.  I'm OK with it.  I mean, you've got to start somewhere - right?  My FMQ is improving, although not as quickly as I'd like.  Things I need to focus on are keeping my stitch length even on curves and remembering to let the quilt pool into my lap instead of rolling it up into a log and feeding it through.  That works wonderfully for straight line quilting with my walking foot; but it's not so great for FMQ.

This is the 4th quilt I've hand bound and the first time I've used 2.25" strips instead of 2.5".  I use 2.25" strips regularly when machine binding, but wanted to give myself a bit more leeway with my first few hand bound quilts.

Quilt Details:
"Happy Chevrons"
Fabric:  Happy Tones by Michael Miller; black on white wide back text print by Windham
Batting: Pellon 100% Cotton
Thread: Aurifil 50 wt - pieced and quilted with 2021 Ivory
Size: Approx. 45"x52"
Quilting: "wonky" swirls
Finish Date: March 7, 2015

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

To-Do Tuesday 03.10.15, er..I mean 03.12.15

One of these days, I'm actually going to get my To-Do Tuesday post up on Tuesday!  Well, at least I'm getting a post up this week.  That's better than I did last week.  By the time I realized I hadn't published my post, it was already this week.  OOPS.

I did, however, accomplish all the things on my list from 2 weeks ago.  So we'll call it a win.
  • I worked on my Indelible layout, but didn't finalize it.  Still playing with wedges.
  • I completed the chevron quilt 

  • I got all of my stash put away- except for 5 large pieces that each measure over 3 yards and my scraps
  • My second bamboo ladder finally arrived thansk to the awesome group that is Amazon Prime Customer Service!

This week's list is all about organization.  We finally moved my sewing space from the dining nook into the guest bedroom.  I am desperately missing the sewing room I had in North Carolina, but since we haven't sold that house yet, we're going to be in our 2 bedroom apartment indefinitely.  It's a little cramped, but we're making do.

Anyway, I need to make the guest room presentable as our best friends are coming to visit sometime this Spring and I can't exactly expect them to be comfortable in this mess:

Just awful, isn't it?  I need to get busy!

Well, at least the shelves look presentable!

Just keepin' it real with my #HonestCraftRoom!

This week's list:
  1. Write Friday Finish post for the chevron quilt
  2. Organize the guest room / sewing room
  3. Organize scraps
  4. Pick fabric for the Posy Patrol Workshop - Amy Butler, AMH, or scrappy?
  5. Work on Indelible layout, but only after #'s 1 & 2 are completed and I've put a dent in #3

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

To-Do Tuesday | 02.24.15

I was fairly productive last week and was able to accomplish everything on my to-do list.  (I love it when that happens!)

I blogged about my 25-patch quilt and have slept under it every night since finishing it. I can't seem to stop petting it while I'm reading before bed.  It's so soft and drapey; much more so than the quilt I made using DS fabrics with Kona.  I love the color selection with Kona, but Free Spirit solids are like butter in comparison.

I made progress quilting the chevrons.  I've got about a quarter of the quilt left to finish.  My swirls are getting better; they're certainly not perfect, but I'm making progress.

I finished piecing the top of my Layers of Charm quilt, but I don't really have anything that works for the back.  I have enough Geekly Glasses, but that print is not right at all.  I will probably just set this top aside until I find something during a sale.  I pieced this top on a whim -  all that #WhipYourWIPS2015 and #SewMyStash2015 over on IG has got me on a roll!  I really have no plan for it, so it's not a big deal if I wait to complete it- as long as I finish it this year!  

I finally cut into my Indelible stash...I have big plans- we'll see how that turns out.  I also cut into my Moon Shine stash- I made a couple Escape blocks and I'm loving them. No rush on this project either, as it's just for me.  I'm quite stingy with my Tula stash- hey, at least I admit it.  I would have posted pics, but the light is awful today and I couldn't get decent shots.

I waited eagerly, impatiently and with great excitement for my book shelves and quilt ladders to arrive.  I'm still waiting on the second bamboo ladder.  They were shipped separately and one made it through the snow storm last week, while one did not.  The shelves are put together, but I'm still working on filling them up.  I've got some quilts on the ladder that did arrive, but I'm still playing around with where I'm going to put it.

This week's list:
  • Finish quilting the chevron quilt
  • Start binding it
  • Work on Indelible layout
  • Get stash put up
  • Wait eagerly, impatiently and with great excitement for ladder #2 to arrive

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Friday, February 20, 2015

A Friday Finish | 25-Patch Style

The moment I laid my hands on Denyse Schmidt's line Hadley, I knew I wanted to cut it up into small squares.  I just wasn't sure if I wanted to do a 9-patch or 25-patch.  The only thing I knew for certain was that I didn't want to do a 16-patch. I don't know if it's my OCD or just some weird quirk, but I like my patchwork square rows to start and end with the same print or color; so 16 patches were out.

So, enough about my quirks, let's talk quilts.

Most of the quilt.
It's too wet and snowy outside to lay the quilt down and there's not enough room inside.

This quilt is just big enough to barely hang over the edges of a queen sized bed, which works out well since that's what we're sleeping on in the apartment we're renting in Tennessee- and let me just say, another quilt on the bed has been a welcome addition in these single digit  and negative temperatures we've had lately!

I used Free Spirit Designer Solids in Natural for the background and I love it.  It's maybe a shade darker than Kona snow, with just the tiniest tinge of brown to it; not quite a beige.  It's perfect for Hadley because of the browns, yellows and oranges; but it's neutral enough to work well with the blues and greens of the collection as well.

I was stuck when it came to the back.  I had enough Geekly glasses left; but I'd just used them on my Florence quilt and they read a bit too yellowy-cream for this quilt.  I'm trying really hard not to buy fabric (excluding Tula of course!), but I had to for this quilt.  I  came across this adorable bird print at Joann and thought it would work well. 

 Naturally, I didn't buy enough.  Luckily I had enough of the binding fabric, which is from one of Denyse Schmidt's Joann's collections,  to make up the difference.    I also incorporated some of the solids that came with Hadley.

 I opted for some FMQ on this quilt- simple "loop-d-do's" as we call them in this house.  I love the look, but I man did I struggle while quilting!  However, all my struggling led to learning. I finally got it through my thick skull to let the dang quilt puddle up around the machine instead of rolling it up.  SO. MUCH. EASIER!    Also, while my FMQ is FAR from perfect, this is the first quilt where I could actually see that I was improving. Sure, my stitch length isn't always consistent, I have some herky-jerky angles and my hands and foot don't always communicate well; but I'm starting to see less of all these things.  I felt so much more confident about my FMQ after this quilt that I decided to give swirls a try on another quilt.  Swirls are my favorite, but I absolutely suck at them!  As always, the quilt was pieced and quilted with Aurifil.

Fabric: Hadley by Denyse Schmidt; Free Spirit Designer Solid in Natural; 
Batting: Pellon White 100% cotton
Thread:  Aurifil; Pieced & quilted with 2021 Ivory, 50 wt.
Size:  approx 66" x 76"
Quilting: "loop-d-d00's"
Finish Date: February 15, 2015

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