Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday Finishes | 02.05.16

I'm finally sharing my last two quilts of 2015.

First up is New Horizons, a Glam Clam quilt, which was commissioned by a cousin of mine for her adorable granddaughter. She wanted a palette of purples, pinks and greens. I immediately thought of Tula Pink's True Colors and coordinating solids. Once I pulled the fabrics I wanted to use, I decided to add in the grey lazy stripe, which I also used for the binding, and grey solids. I also added in a darker purple print which, unfortunately, I don't remember anything about except that I used for the back of my MIL's quilt. The back of this quilt, which I don't have a pic of, was pieced form scraps of the solids and the grey text print from Riley Blake's The Cottage Garden collection. Since there is so much going on in the prints I used, I opted for simple straight-ish lines for the quilting. 

Totally kicking myself for not getting a better pic of the front - apparently I was in such a rush,
I couldn't even lay the quilt flat! - or one of the back!

The next quilt is called Team Spirit and was made for one of my fabulous nephews. I used Sweetwater's Varsity fabric for this one along with the Jungle Path Baby Quilt tutorial from Moda Bake Shop, but increased the number of blocks and enlarged the border to make it more of a throw size. The binding is black and white stripes, which is reminiscent of referee stripes, fitting for the sports theme of the quilt. The background is Kona Snow and the back, which I also don't have a picture of, was pieced from a couple different colors of Riley Blake's Pop fabric. The quilting on this one is also straight lines.

Can we all just agree to ignore the fact that I didn't even bother to make the bed before I snapped a
shot of this quilt?

Here are the details for each quilt:

New Horizons
Pattern: Glam Clam by Latifah Saafir
Fabric: The top is mostly Tula Pink's True Colors and coordinating Free Spirit Designer Solids; The back is the text print Riley Blake's The Cottage Garden and scraps of the FSD Solids from the top; The binding is the Grey Lazy Stripe from Tula's True Colors.
Thread: Aurifil - 2021 "Natural White" 50 wt for piecing; 4060 "Silver Moon" and 4670 "Silver Fox" 50 wt for quilting
Batting: Pellon Nature's Touch 100% Cotton
Size: about 72" x 89"

Team Spirit
Pattern: Jungle Path Baby Quilt by Jessica from Sew Crafty Jess
Fabric: the top is Sweetwater's Varsity and Kona Snow. Back is Pop from Riley Blake. The binding is black & white stripes
Thread: Aurifil - 2021 "Natural White" 50 wt for piecing; 2021 "Natural White" 40 wt for quilting & binding
Batting: Pellon Nature's Touch 100% Cotton
Size: about 50" x 60" - ish

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Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday Finishes | 01.08.16

2016... I keep writing "15" and probably will until sometime in February. It takes me a good 4 to 6 weeks to get used to the new year. Sigh...

This week I have a couple of quilts and a project bag to share.

First up, Glam Garden, a very bright and busy quilt, for one of my super-awesome-amazing nieces. She's the youngest of the group but she's got a BIG personality, loves color and all things girly. I chose lots of Ann Kelle fabrics, along with some Riley Blake prints, coordinating solids and a couple of Pearl Bracelets and Cotton + Steel metallics. The Ann Kelle prints were the perfect choice because they feature glasses, shoes, purses and hair bows; and every girly girl needs some pearl bracelets and a dash of shimmery metallics in her quilt. I quilted this one with straight lines, between .5"-1" in grey Aurifil and bound it with a grey solid. There's a lot going on with this quilt, so I thought the grey would help ground things.

Next up is Sea Hunt, an underwater adventure of a quilt for another of my super-awesome-amazing nieces. This kid is a walking talking encyclopedia of all things ocean and sea creature related. When I stumbled across the Sea Buddies collection from Michael Miller, I knew I'd found the perfect prints for this ocean-themed quilt. I added in some tone-on-tone blenders and one of the C+S metallic prints I used in her sister's quilt. I used Amazon, a Free Spirit Designer Solid, for the background and quilted it with blue wavy lines.  

You can find the details for both quilts at the bottom of this post.

Lastly, I whipped up this cute project bag yesterday. I needed something to carry my knitting around in while I'm in in NC. The outer print is something I bought on a whim a couple of years ago at Hobby Lobby, I'm so glad I found a use for it as it's been folded up in a bin since I bought it. I used a large scrap of the Windham wide back text print for the lining. I was very happy that I had scraps large enough to accommodate the pattern instead of having to cut into my stash. The bag is a bit wonky on one side of the strap, but it's good enough for me. Next time I think I'd like the bag to be a bit bigger and I'll definitely add a pocket (or two).


Glam Garden
Pattern: Monsterz-Sized Hexagon Quilt by Michelle Brummer-Everett / Cloud 9 Fabrics
Fabric: the top is mostly This and That by Ann Kelle, with some coordinating solids, Riley Blake prints, Lizzy House Pearl Bracelets, and a couple Cotton + Steel XOXO prints. Back is Pop from Riley Blake in Blue and Green; binding is Free Spirit Designer Solids in Shadow
Thread: Aurifil - 2021 "Natural White" 50 wt for piecing; 2600 "Dove" 50 wt for quilting & binding
Batting: Pellon Nature's Touch 100% Cotton
Size: about 50" x 54"

Sea Hunt
Pattern: Freckles by Tula Pink / Free Spirit Fabrics
Fabric: Mostly Sea Hunt from Michael Miller, various blenders from my stash, Cotton + Steel XOXO, Free Spirit Designer Solids in Amazon. Back is Pop from Riley Blake in Green and Pink; binding is the orange stripey print from Sea Buddies.
Thread: Aurifil - 2021"Natural White" 50 wt.  for piecing and binding; 2800 "Sprite" 50 wt. for quilting
Batting: Pellon Nature's Touch 100% Cotton
Size: about 54" x 60"

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

To-Do Tuesday | Welcome 2016!

So,  2016 is off to a good start. I'm making healthier choices, reading every night, and knitting up a storm. The only thing I'm not doing is quilting. It will be late February at the earliest before I get back to it and that's OK. In fact, it's a welcome break. However, I do have some finishes from last year to share later this week. That should keep me from having to change the name of the blog to Georgia Girl Knits. :)

In knitting news, one of my yarn orders arrived over the weekend!

My new stash of Berroco Weekend Chunky yarn!

This yarn is earmarked for a chunky blanket made with my brand new size 50 (25 mm) circs from Loopy Mango.! I'm still trying to decide on a pattern, but have finally narrowed it down to three...or four....that I've found on Ravelry. I need to hurry up and decide so I can focus on getting packed for my North Carolina trip! I finally decided on a pattern. Now my big task for the week is getting organized and packed for my North Carolina trip.

This week's list:
  1. Finish the grey afghan
  2. Weave in ends on teal/white afghan
  3. Pick a pattern for the chunky afghan ü
  4. Go to the doctor - time for the annual physical (Rescheduled as my NP is sick)
  5. Do more laundry (how 2 of us can accumulate so much laundry is nuts!)
  6. PACK
  7. Head to NC 
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Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

2015 was a great year. Chaotic at times; but a great year. 

I managed to complete 15 quilts and another 4 are basted and waiting. I finally tackled applique and cannot wait to do some more. I learned 2 new binding techniques. I've also picked up knitting again and finished 1 afghan and half of another. On a more personal level I managed to lose some weight and made some great memories with family and friends. Aside from almost losing a finger and having emergency surgery in September, it was a very positive and happy year.

I'd like to keep the happy and positive going into 2016 so I am not making resolutions this year. I'm setting some goals, though. For some reason, I fail miserably at resolutions, but have much more success when I set goals. I'm going with what works for me.

A flipoaram of the quilts I made in 2015.

My quiltmaking goal for 2016 is to step outside my comfort zone. I love the quilts I've made; but if I'm being truthful, they do have a certain look about them. Mostly bright colors, lots of traditional blocks with modern fabrics, lots of straight line quilting. There's nothing wrong with any of that and I'm pretty sure straight lines will always be my favorite. However, it's time to shake things up. I''m not saying every quilt I make in '16 will be different; but I want to try new things this year. I'm not committing to a certain number of quilts this year because I will be away from home quite a bit and don't want to feel like I have to be chained to my sewing machine when I am home.

My knitting goal for 2016 is to finish 5 projects. I am setting a number for knitting because I can easily take it with me when I travel. I normally only knit during football season because I cannot stand to be covered up in yarn during the hot southern summers. (Although I do have visions of knitting scarves or wraps as Christmas gifts for all the adults in the family...I come from a large blended that's roughly 20...That's a lot of adults - and a lot of knitting!!!)

I read 53 books this year, 23 more than I pledged to read in the Goodreads 2015 Reading Challenge.

A flipagram of all the books I read in 2015. 
It's definitely an eclectic list!

My reading goal for 2016 is 52 books.  That's a book a week - I think I can handle that. 2016 is gearing up to be a hectic year, but I like to read before bed and have gotten into audio books in a big way. I was planning to set my goal for 55 books, but I'm not ready to commit to more than 1 per week when I know there will be a lot less "me" time in the coming year. I'd also like to read a little more non-fiction this year. So, instead of 2 non-fiction books, maybe I'll read 5-10.

This year's 26 Books With Bringing Up Burns list will definitely help me achieve this goal!

I somehow managed to lose 25 pounds in 2015! 

My lifestyle goal for 2016 is to make better choices. More fresh fruits (I'm not adding veggies to this one because I already eat more vegetables than my husband says is humanly possible!); more chicken and fish; less red meat; less junk; cut out diet soda for good; park further away; take the stairs; go for long walks with CJ; make a better effort to stay in touch with friends and family; explore new interests; get back into yoga; commit to regular strength training routines; I could go on here, but you get the point.

My word for 2016 is thrive

  1. (of a child, animal, or plant) grow or develop well or vigorously.
    "the new baby thrived"

I've always loved the word "thrive" and I think it is a good word for me to focus on based on my other goals for the year.

What are your goals or resolutions for the coming year? Do you have a word for the year? Please share them in the comments or leave me a link to your New Year's blog post. I'd love to know!

Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

To-Do Tuesday | The Burnout Edition

Well, the last two weeks have been all about the knitting.

I am totally burned out on quilts.  And that's ok.

I realized I was in full burn out mode when I literally threw a  handful of Posey Patrol blocks across the room. For real. Full on overhanded those suckers into a corner when I realized I'd made a serious error. Naturally, I immediately picked them up and gently put them back into their container. I decided to shelve that project until sometime next year. After 4 seriously hectic and stressful months of power quilting, I am allowing myself some much needed time away from the sewing machine.

The extent of my quilty plans prior to my next trip include browsing through my brand new books: Urban and Amish: Classic Quilts and Modern Updates and Cabin Fever: 20 Modern Log Cabin Quilts, maybe quilting the above mentioned basted quilt, and quite possibly purchasing some new fabric because...fabric!

I spent the last week in Atlanta with my parents and had a low-key, but very busy and enjoyable Christmas. I spent  most of my limited free time knitting and manged to almost finish an afghan for Hubs and get another one started before heading home. The afghan for Hubs just needs the ends woven in. I just need to get a larger tapestry needle to take care of that. I''m so glad Hubs likes this afghan as I inadvertently ordered the wrong yarn. I got Bernat Blanket Yarn (it's 100% Polyester) instead of the 100% cotton yarn I had planned on. Luckily he liked the feel of the chenille blanket yarn and he proclaimed he couldn't wait to wrap up like a burrito on the couch with it. Whew! I was thinking I'd just have to donate it. I'm not a big fan of polyester anything; mainly because we live in the South and that stuff just does not breathe at all. Cotton is my go-to fiber of choice because it breathes so well.

The afghan my husband claimed as his own.

The second afghan might live here or it might be a donation. I like to keep a few afghans and throw sized quilts on hand to donate when I come across a worthy cause. This one is made with Loops & Threads Charisma yarn, which I bought on sale at Michael's mainly just so I had a project while I was visiting my mom. It comes in a lot of pretty colors and variegations; but after knitting 5 skeins of it, I don't think I'll use it again. This stuff is pretty cheap, 100% acrylic and frays easily.

This is the afghan currently on my sticks being made with Charisma yarn.
This stuff may be cheap, but I love the color selection.

I received these awesome size 50 circular needles from Loopy Mango as a Christmas gift and placed an order at for some yarn to make a yummy afghan. Truth be told, I also grabbed some yarn from Craftsy's clearance section to make myself a lightweight wrap, similar to this.  I'm justifying these purchases because all the yarn was on sale and I need something to do while in NC for 3-6 weeks. Something else that will keep me occupied during my stay will be to start drafting a design for an original quilt I need to make during the first quarter of 2016. Luckily, I have an inspiration photo and several ideas. More on that in 2016.

This week's list:

  • Laundry (because it's always there)
  • Read my new quilty books
  • Weave in ends of Hubs afghan
  • Work on 2nd afghan
  • Catch up on my social media feeds
  • Enjoy the last week of the holidays

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Friday, December 18, 2015

Three Finishes

As some of you know, I have spent most of the past several months busting my you-know-what to get seven commissioned quilts finished. I was so focused on finishing these quilts and getting them to their new homes that I managed to neglect getting fabulous pictures and I'm totally bummed about it.

But oh well.

Since I don't have a ton of quilt porn to show off, I'm just going to share one or two pics each of the first three in this post and follow up with the remaining four in a future post.

This quilt is called "Spirit" and was a gift for a very talented and very beautiful junior equestrienne.

This quilt, named "Double Rings" by the person who commissioned it, was a wedding gift.

This is "Play Ball!"; a quilt for a very charming young man who is quite the sports enthusiast.

Here are the details for each quilt:

Pattern: Layers of Charm, a freebie from Fat Quarter Shop
Fabric: the top is mostly Mustang by Melody Miller for Cotton + Steel with a few C+S basics added in; back is Pop in Blue & Pink by Riley Blake; binding is Reflection in Starfruit from Waterfront Park by Violet Craft for Michael Miller
Thread: Aurifil - 2021 "Natural White" 50 wt for piecing; 2600 "Dove" 50 wt for quilting
Batting: Pellon Nature's Touch 100% Cotton
Size: about 57" square

Double Rings:
Pattern: by me, but heavily inspired by this quilt and this mini quilt
Fabric: Grunge Basics in Cream; various prints from Modern Backgrounds Ink & Paper by Zen Chic for Moda; Newsprint Text print from The Cottage Garden by The Quilted Fish for Riley Blake; Text Print from Architextures by Carolyn Friedlander for Robert Kaufman; various grey solids including Shadow from Free Spirit Designer Solids (I cannot remember which shades and companies the others are from)
Thread: Aurifil- 2021 "Natural White" 50 wt for piecing; 4670 "Silver Fox" 50 wt & 4060 "Silver Moon" 50 wt for quilting
Batting: Pellon Nature's Touch 100% Cotton
Size 50"x62"

Play Ball!
Pattern: I have no idea. I found it on the Internet, drew a quick sketch with what I assumed were the block dimensions. I thought I saved the link to my favorites, but could not find it when I went to refer to the picture. When I tried to reverse image search, nothing came up, so it must have been removed by the original poster. I want to give credit, so if anyone knows, please let me know so I can edit the post.
Fabric: Varsity by Sweetwater for Moda; Pop in Grey and Black by Riley Blake; black & white stripes by Timeless Treasures (I think)
Thread: Aurifil - 2021 "Natural White" 50 wt for piecing and 40 wt for quilting
Batting: Pellon Nature's Touch 100% Cotton
Size: 50" x :61"

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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

To-Do Tuesday | 12.15.15

I skipped posting last week because I had just returned home from five days in North Carolina and didn't have anything to share. Also, because I came home with a wicked head cold and was pretty much a stuffed up mess napping on the couch for the next few days. It's mostly gone now, except for a lingering cough.

I've been mostly knitting since I returned home. I'm working on a ribbed throw for no particular reason except I've taken to listening to audio books or podcasts (Serial season 2!!!)  for an hour or so before I switch over to ebooks before going to sleep. I can't sit or lie still and listen, so I knit. I love long as it's an easy pattern that I can do without having to keep track of too many different rows or stitches. A simple double rib stitch is perfect and I love the texture. I can totally lose a whole day while I KK and PP.

I did manage to sneak in a an hour or two working on a quilty WIP from the spring. I've been anxious to finish my AMH / Swiss Dot Posey Patrol quilt for months; but had to put if off to the side while I was focusing on commissions. I have about three quarters of the blocks pieced and hope to finish it this week... Or before I leave for Atlanta next week at the latest. 

This week's list:
  • KMQG Christmas Party
  • Finish Posey Patrol quilt
    • Finish piecing blocks
    • Piece top
    • Piece back
    • Baste
    • Quilt
    • Bind
  • Knit
  • Shop my Lizzy House stash for my next quilt
  • Pack for Atlanta trip
  • Squeeze in some last minute Christmas shopping
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