Tuesday, September 1, 2015

To-Do Tuesday | 09.01.15

So, last week? Not quite as productive as the previous weeks...

While I managed to complete one of the secret quilt tops, I completely dropped the ball on finishing the quilting on another of these projects. In fact, I had to backtrack and pull out a ton of quilting stitches.

Look at all that wasted Aurifil ... I hate puckers!

Actually, I decided that I need to re-baste half the quilt. However, I need a day or two before I can deal with that. So I'll be working on other things while I take a bit of a breather.

Other than that, all I managed to get done was finalizing palettes for two upcoming projects: The secret Tula Pink quilt (another Christmas gift) and the famous Meadow Quilt (minus the background fabric - still trying to decide on that!)

This palette! Lots of Tula, a dash of Art Gallery and a bunch of Free 
Spirit Designer Solids. Yum!
I cannot wait to start this quilt. Purple is not usually a color I gravitate towards, but these shades with those pinks, greens, and greys? I'm in love!

These are the fabrics I'm taking to the Meadow Quilt Workshop this 
weekend. It's mostly V &; Co's Color Me Happy, but I threw
 in some other prints, including some Lizzy House, of course!

Our Meadow Quilt workshop is this weekend. I'm so excited to do some selfish sewing for the first time in weeks! This quilt? It's going to be all mine. Let's forget the fact that Hubs just said that this place is starting to become overrun with quilts. I'm of the opinion that one can never have too many quilts. Now, if I could just decide on the background/border fabric....Grey Swiss Dots maybe or The Cottage Garden Newsprint in grey???

This week's list:
  1. Re-baste Melody Miller quilt
    1. Finish quilting
    2. Trim quilt
    3. Prep binding
    4. Machine stitch binding
  2. Decide on name for Sweetwater #1 quilt (we decided last night)
    1. Make Label
    2. Piece back
    3. Mark quilt
    4. Baste
  3. Have fun at the Meadow Quilt Workshop with my Knoxville MQG friends!
  4. BONUS POINTS: Get fabric for Michael Miller quilt pressed (Got this done yesterday) Start cutting 

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

To-Do Tuesday | 08.25.15

Good morning! I'm so excited - it's 57 degrees outside! I've opened up the doors and windows and am enjoying the cool air. Dare I say it? Could it possibly true? Is Fall actually making her presence known? I know it's going to be 90 in a couple days, but I'm choosing to ignore that fact for the time being.

Last week was very productive! I'd be quite proud of myself, but I really have no choice in the matter with deadlines looming. I was able to not only decide how I wanted to quilt the Melody Miller quilt, but I am almost halfway done quilting it! Considering it took me a good two weeks to even narrow down my options, I'm feeling very good about that! In addition, I got the Ann Kelle quilt's label made, basted that quilt, and then proceeded to not only quilt it, but get it bound and washed. I wish I could show you pics of this quilt. I'm not going to though. I've recently become aware that some of the people I'm making these quilts for may be reading my blog. So, better safe than sorry for now!  On the upside, I'll have six or seven finishes all ready for the beginning of 2016! I was also not only able to get the fabric for Sweetwater Quilt #1 cut, but I've gotten the blocks made and have started working on the layout.  

This is about as much of the Melody Miller quilt as I can show without
giving away who it's for! 

In addition to all of this, I decided to completely change up my Meadow Quilt palette for my guild's Lizzy House workshop which is coming up in less than two weeks! Originally I had planned to use Tula Pink's Bumble collection and save the quilt for when my cousin gets pregnant again. (I just know it's going to happen any time now just like I just know it's going to be a girl. I can say this because I knew when her Mom was pregnant with her, I knew when my sister was pregnant with her daughter and I knew when my cousin was pregnant with her son - all before they had told anyone.) Then I realized how big Meadow quilts are and decided to save the Bumble and find a different pattern and make a bag and a bucket hat or two to go along with it. 

With a happy chance of good fortune, I came a cross a bundle of V & Co's Color Me Happy that I had forgotten all about. Poor thing was still in a box in the closet where it had been stuck since we moved last November! Well, it's just perfect for a Meadow quilt! Of course after petting it for several minutes, I decided to swap out some of the prints on white backgrounds for some blenders from my stash. 

My new fabric pull for the upcoming Meadow quilt work shop with my
guild. I'm loving these Color Me Happy prints. There's also some Lizzy
House, Jenean Morrison, and a couple other prints in there. I'm going
to tweak it a bit more, but you get the general idea.

In another happy chance of good fortune, I had included some prints I think will coordinate quite nicely when I placed my most recent order from Hawthorne Threads. This order is filled with Tula, Lizzy and some yummy solids. I cannot wait for it to arrive!

This week's list:
  1. Finish quilting Melody Miller quilt
  2. Decide on binding and prep it
  3. Finalize layout for Sweetwater #1
  4. Add sashing 
  5. Piece top
  6. Finalize Meadow quilt palette
  7. Finalize Tula palette
  8. BONUS POINTS: make label for Sweetwater #1
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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

To-Do Tuesday | 08.18.15

Last week I was able to get quite a bit done: I ordered all the additional fabric needed for the first group of quilts I'm working on. I was able to get one of those quilts basted and the top finished for another. In addition, I added another commissioned quilt (seriously, I'm up to 7 right now!) to the mix and was able to decide on a palette and pattern. I have to say that I am over the moon for this palette. Here's a pic of the direction we're going in. This isn't the exact palette, but it's very, very close:

Lots of Tula, a dash of Art Gallery and my favorite solids from
Free Spirit. I'm in love!

And now let's get to this week's list:
  1. Decide on quilting motif for the C+S quilt
  2. Make label and piece back for the Ann Kelle quilt
  3. Baste Ann Kelle quilt
  4. Order fabric for the Tula quilt
  5. BONUS POINTS: start cutting Sweetwater #1 quilt

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Friday, August 7, 2015

Movement in Squares : A Friday Finish

Is it just me, or does the sun just up and vanish whenever you finish a quilt? Especially one that you've got to send out into the world immediately? This happens to me. Every. Single. Time. Well, it seems like it anyway.

So thanks to a dreary couple of days in East Tennessee, let me apologize in advance for not being able to share some beautiful sunshiny pics.

This quilt was made for C, a very special woman. She was my grandfather's secretary years and years ago. I'm not exactly sure when she started working with him or for how long, because even after my grandparents made their next move, she was still a part of their lives. She became very dear to him, and he to her. My grandfather had three daughters, and with C, it was almost as if there were a fourth. He retired in the 1980's; he and C were still in contact when he passed away in March, 2014. In fact, well into his 90s he was traveling to North Carolina with one of his daughters, almost every year, where they would meet up with C and her husband to attend a golf tournament and share some laughs over a few meals. I was lucky enough to be a part of that in 2010.

It would have been his 98th birthday this past June. Naturally, C called one of my aunts to reminisce and share a laugh or two. Eventually the conversation turned and my name came up. My aunt mentioned that I had taken to making quilts. In passing, C mentioned she was redecorating her guest room and should think of adding a quilt to the decor. Then they moved on to other topics; but not before my aunt found out her color palette for the guest room update.

Shortly thereafter, I was cruising the Internet for patterns and fabric.

Just out of the wash - I love that crinkly goodness!

When I came across Movement in Squares, a free pattern by Wendy Sheppard of the Ivory Spring blog, I knew it was the one. More importantly, I knew it was a pattern that my grandfather would have like. I sent a picture of the pattern, along with a couple of other options, to my mom and aunts for their approval. It was unanimous; there was a brief moment where a good ol' Churn Dash quilt might have snuck in for the win, but once one of my aunts mentioned that it reminded her of her Dad, it was a done deal.

Oops! I forgot to get a shot of the back post-quilting. Here's a
shot with the label to give you an idea of what it looks like. It's
so much better with all the crinkle though!
The fabric selection process went just as smoothly. Everyone agreed the batiks from Laundry Basket's Cold Spell line where the way to go. I added in a couple of Grunge Basics, Navy for the six underlying squares on the front and Cream for the back. Free Spirit's Designer Solid in Natural was my choice for the background as was one of the Cold Spell batiks for the binding. The rest of the details can be found below.

I absolutely adore this binding!
Now the quilt is all wrapped up and ready for its journey to its new home in North Carolina!

Pattern: by Wendy Sheppard from the Ivory Spring blog
Fabric: Batiks from the Cold Spell collection by Laundry Basket Batiks for Moda; Free Spirit Designer Solids in Natural; Grunge Basics in Navy and Cream by Basic Grey for Moda
Thread: pieced and quilted with Aurifil 50 wt. #2021 Natural White 
Quilting: Organic grid work, approximately 2" squares
Measurements: approx 52"x60"

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

To-Do Tuesday | 07.28.15

Last week was successful! I was able to get the top pieced for C's quilt and get the Molehills quilt basted. I have not yet ordered the fabric for the back of C's quilt; but only because we are trying to decide between three choices. I expect to get that ordered in the next day or two.

Movement in Squares top: Cold Spell Batiks by Laundry Basket Batiks, Grunge
Basics in Navy, Free Spirit Designer Solids in Natural ... I had to snap this shot
rather quickly! If you look at the top left of the pic, you'll see the very tip of a
doggie paw. He was attempting to be stealthy and sneak onto the top to mark
his territory. Luckily, I was able to thwart his efforts....this time!

I'm in love with this pattern, Movement in Squares, by Wendy Sheppard of Ivory Springs. And guess what? It's a freebie! You can find the link in her post here or via the Benartex site here. The top sews up quick and easy. I'll definitely be filing this pattern away for future use. 

I thread basted the Molehills quilt; but I wish I'd spray basted it first. Since the sari fabric is very slippery, I'm wary of puckers on the back. Naturally, I didn't even think about spray basting first until I was already done thread basting. On one hand, the idea of cutting out all those basting stitches and starting over does not appeal to me; on the other, neither does having to rip out quilting stitches. Luckily, since it's not my priority project, I don't have to make that decision any time soon.

In fact, if I don't decide ASAP, it might be some time before I have to worry about it. In addition to finishing up C's quilt, I was contacted last week about making five quilts for five awesome kids. The past few days have been a flurry of emails about fabric and pattern selections. We picked some great prints and fun patterns. I can't wait to place a fabric order of epic proportions and get started. Expect to hear more about these quilts over the next few months. I'm going to TRY to have them all done before the end of September, but definitely before the end of October.

This week's list:
  • Order backing fabric for C's quilt
  • Order fabric for the kids' quilts
  • Prep binding for C's Quilt
  • BONUS POINTS: decide what to do with Molehills
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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

To-Do Tuesday | 07.21.15

I feel like I had a pretty productive week last week. 

We had the big reveal for our guild's mini quilt swap at our meeting Saturday. Check out this amazing mini I received!

Here's another pic including all the fabulous goodies that were included with that gorgeous little quilt!

OK, I admit it. There was also a very yummy chocolate bar...it's long gone now!

I made a mini version of Canoe Ridge Creations Giant Starburst for the swap. Here's a pic of the top. I could absolutely kick myself because I forgot to snap a pic of the finished product. What was I thinking?!?!  Oh...wait...I wasn't.

Giant Starburst with lots of Riley Blake Swiss Dots and Hipster Prints; AGF Oval, Square &
Natural Elements; and some Lizzy House Pearl Bracelets too!

In addition, I managed to get my Molehills top put together.
I made this top with Valori Wells' Karavan Marrakech line along with some
Kaffe Fassett shot cottons and sari fabric from India - and lots and lots
of ultra-fine fusible interfacing.

I also got all the fabric cut and a few blocks made the quilt I'm making for C, a family friend.

I'm loving these batiks from Laundry Basket's Cold Spell line with that navy Grunge. The
background is one of my faves - Free Spirit Designer Solids in Natural.

Now on to this week's list:
  1. Finish piecing blocks for C's quilt and piece top
  2. Order fabric for back of C's quilt
  3. BONUS POINTS: baste Molehills
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Thursday, July 16, 2015

To-Do List | 07.16.15

I just realized as I sat down to write this that it's been over two weeks since my last post! I'll admit that I haven't been at my most productive during that time... I've procrastinated working on the one project that has to be done by tomorrow and once I finally got it pieced and quilted...MATCHSTICK quilted no less...I realized I had to start from scratch!

Other than that, all I've accomplished is choosing the fabric and pattern for a quilt my mother and her sisters are giving to my late grandfather's former secretary. 

Grunge Basic in Navy; batiks from Laundry Basket Batiks Cold Spell Collection;
and Free Spirit Designer Solid in Natural

I'm excited and nervous about this project as it will be my first time working with batiks. In addition, the chosen color palette is not exactly in my wheelhouse.

As for this week, or what's left of it, my list is short and sweet:
  1. Finish up my swap sewing
  2. Finally piece my Molehills top
  3. Press and start cutting those batiks.
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